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When you need superior painting services at an affordable price, call the experts at Fort Wayne Painters. Our quality and customer services are second to none!

Our Painting Services
At Fort Wayne Painters, we offer the full range of interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial needs:

About Us
For years, our painters have served the Fort Wayne area with exceptional painting services. We understand the importance of having a beautiful, long-lasting appearance for your home, both inside and out. Our team of painters are highly skilled, experienced, and committed to providing the highest quality service.

We have painted hundreds of homes and businesses in northeastern Indiana. As a result, we are one of the top painting contractors Fort Wayne offers!

Not only will we paint your house with high quality materials and an impeccable attention to detail, but we can provide consultative services if you’re looking for extra guidance on what colors you should choose, what type of paint will work best for your project, or how you can achieve your project goals while staying within a certain budget.

Whether you’re ready to schedule one of our expert painters, or still wanting to learn more about the services we offer, give us a call today!

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Our Painting Services

We offer a full range of services to meet whatever need you have for an interior or exterior painter. However, what’ we believe sets us apart is our consistent dedication to improving our skills and knowledge about the painting industry, and our unmatched customer service. When you hire one of our contractors, we strive to go above and beyond our customers highest expectations!

Interior House Painting

We understand that your home is your most prized possession, and we promise to treat it as our own. Whether you’re looking for a small project to touch up a single room or a total re-paint for your entire interior, we can help!

Our interior painting jobs consists of a several step process to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the job at hand:

  • Step 1: Initial Phone Conversation: Friendly phone conversation to ensure we understand the job you’re interested in
  • Step 2: Walk Through and Free Estimate: We walk through of the rooms in your house you are wanting painted. Discussion about desired colors, paint sheen/finish (high gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin, etc.), and texture
  • Step 3: Painting time: We set a date and time for us to begin painting. If the project timeline gets adjusted in any way, we provide advance notice and ongoing communication.

    Additionally, unless we have a very strong reason not to, we almost always use 0 VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint brands. Some of the common brands we use include Behr or Sherwin-Williams.

    We strongly prefer 0 VOC paint to ensure as few toxic fumes as possible enter your home while we paint.

  • Step 4: Finalization and Follow-Up: When we paint your home, it’s our goal to create a lifetime customer. We want you to be so pleased with the finished product you come back to us time and time again.

​Our painting contractors are experienced with everything ranging from color consultations to executing the final masterpiece. Give us a call today to schedule our interior house painting services.

Exterior Painters

Your home’s exterior is on display for the world to see. To maximize your home’s curb appeal and the impression you make to your neighbors and guests, you should paint the outside of your home when your current paint begins to show signs of aging, wear-and-tear, or weather damage.

Our team will help you select the best high-durability paint in colors that complement your personal taste, and will then apply it with a keen eye for quality and detail. Your home will be the talk of the entire block!

Painting the outside of your house is usually a 5-step process, as outlined below:

  • Clean – Over time, the exterior of our house attracts dirt, dust, and grime. It’s necessary to remove any loose materials before painting to ensure the new paint coat adheres properly and consistently.
  • Preparation – After cleaning, any loose paint chips should be scrapped or power washed away. Additionally, rotten wood should be replaced with new, treated wood to ensure the highest longevity and durability.
  • Painting – Next comes painting. This is when your house starts to look really amazing. With the high tech sprayers and brushes we use, the painting phase usually goes quickly. If you have a lot of trim or flashing, the cutting in can take longer, but before you know it, you’re house will look brand new again.
  • Post Job Clean Up – After painting concludes, a final phase of cleanup takes place. Any materials such as drop cloths, painters tape or other supplies are removed and throw away, and any areas accidentally dripped or sprayed with paint are returned to their original state.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Our job isn’t complete until you are 100% satisfied. 

Commercial Painters

Color impacts everything from your company branding to worker productivity and your customers’ first impression when they walk into your business.

In addition to color choice, a crisp and professionally painted office will always make a better impression to your customers than walls that are old, scuffed, and scratched.

At Fort Wayne Painters, we understand the unique needs of businesses. When you need our services, choose the best painters Fort Wayne has to offer. We promise we won’t compromise on any job we complete, and our Fort Wayne commercial painting services are second to none. We promise to work with you to complete the project with minimal interference to your employees and customers.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters

Kitchen Cabinets undergo natural wear and tear from heavy daily usage. Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, you want your cabinets to be beautiful and entertainment-ready in addition to being functional for everyday use.

Instead of completely replacing your cabinets, which is costly and labor-intensive, consider having them re-painted instead. Hiring our team to do your cabinet painting and paint a new coat of fresh paint can completely revitalize old cabinets while being much more budget-friendly than brand newly painted cabinets.

Color Consultation

The color of your home and your walls reflects your personality. Do you like bright and exciting? Or something more relaxed and subtle?

Many of our customers have a hard time knowing which paint colors will match and blend with the rest of the furniture and colors in their hours. Today neutral grey/beige colors are very popular and make a great selection if you like that farmhouse or mid-century modern style.

If you are still undecided about what colors to choose, don’t worry! Our team can estimate your project cost without knowing all the details of what paint colors you will choose. And we can use our experience and knowledge about modern styles and paint colors and sheens to help with your decision.

Our expert craftsmen understand the importance of selecting the right colors for your home or business, and they are available to help you choose the perfect palette.

Some Recent Fort Wayne Painting Jobs

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If you’re on the market for a painting contractor, you’ve probably conducted a fair amount of online research about home painters and had some discussions with friends or family members who have recently used a painting company. 

Here are some important questions to keep in mind: 

  • How do I know which color is best? What if I can’t decide? 
  • Which brand of paint do you recommend? 
  • How much does it cost to paint a house? 
  • What will you do to prepare my house for painting? 
  • How long will the project take to complete? 
  • Can I trust a team of workers in my home while I’m at work? 
  • Will I be responsible for the preparation and clean up? 

These are all excellent questions and ones we have answered countless times before for our satisfied customers. To discuss these questions as well as the scope and needs of your project, give us a call and let us know how we can best assist you in making your project a reality. 

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